real estate landscaping in Poway

Whether you live in a small house or own a large mansion, you’ve almost certainly considered landscaping your estate. Whether you want to put in some functional features such as outdoor entertainment or a pool, reduce the cost of your water bill, or give yourself some privacy, doing your research is important. In California, you have some additional concerns due to the threat of wildfire and the constant drought. Here’s what to know about estate landscaping in Poway, California.

Have a plan

The first thing to consider with landscaping anything is upkeep. Anything in a house will require maintenance, and landscaping is one of those things. Whether you want bushes that need to be trimmed, a pool that needs to be kept clean, or flowers that need to be weeded, you’ll want to make sure you have an upkeep plan. If you plan on doing the work yourself or with a spouse, ensure you get easy-to-upkeep landscaping that you can handle on your own. Otherwise, consider hiring a regular landscaping maintenance company to take care of the outside of your house as to keep the investment into your estate worthwhile.

Create privacy

Landscaping often serves a wide variety of purposes. Often, it isn’t just built to look pretty; there may be very real benefits to the design of your desired landscaping. Privacy is one of those considerations. Whether you have an open yard, or a backyard visible to all your neighbors, you may want privacy for yourself and your family. Consider planting bushes and hedges, or putting up fences to keep yourself comfortable from the eyes of the outside world. A plant in front of a window may be the difference between a window that creeps you out at night, or one that keeps you feeling safe.

Build more living space

You can also commission and build specific items for use outdoors. The most common of these in California is an outdoor pool. Nothing beats water to beat the heat of hot summer days! Work with your landscaping company to get a pool of the size, shape, and even color that you want, to get the most out of your money. In addition, consider putting up other usable objects such as an outdoor kitchen, a shed, a deck, and many more. A large, outdoor living area gives you an excellent space to host parties, family gatherings, or simply just make yourself more comfortable in your day to day life.

Considering all of these, it’s important to consider your water bill. Putting in many plants can raise your water costs sky high, especially if the plants aren’t native to California. With the ongoing drought, these costs may become unsustainable even if they were originally. Consider xeriscaping, and discuss your options with your landscaping company of choice. Local flora can survive in droughts much easier than foreign flora. Plants made for desert conditions should also be considered for those living in hot, dry areas where many other plants may die. Consider sun amounts, temperature, and water needs for your perfect xeriscaping.

Whether you want the estate of your dreams, a bit more privacy, or to reduce your water bill, it’s always important to make sure you know what you are getting into with your landscaping. Get multiple quotes from different companies, and make sure that whoever you work with can do what you want best. Consider the cost of water and maintenance as well, as to make sure you can keep your landscaping well into the future. With these in mind, good luck on your search for estate landscaping in Poway, California!