Once again we are getting a bad heat wave this week. Please be understanding if you see our guys doing most of their work in your shade areas or if you see them taking some breaks, as they have been instructed to do so. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke is a serious medical condition and we want to keep our crews safe and healthy.

Lawn: This month we have been putting down a second application of a balanced fertilizer. Next month ( June) we will be putting down a second application of pre-emergent to keep down that pesky crabgrass.
Ornamental Pear and Plum Trees, Roses and Bougainvillea: In June, we will be applying another application of a systemic for the Sawfly larvae as this is a typical problem on these plants in midsummer to Fall. We are being proactive. WE DO NOT do this for edibles or plants that are close to edibles.

Citrus and Avocado: We will be setting your avocado tree irrigation to deep but infrequent watering schedules ( if possible) and we will be leaving the leaves underneath to help their immune system.
Citrus will continue to be fed chelated iron  and zinc as needed. Organic Clients: We are using Organic Fertilizers and organic oil sprays on your citrus Mulch Refresh: Unfortunately we are still behind on mulch orders as the demand is greater than the production this Spring.
Why Mulch? Improves your soil by decomposing (Which is why we need to add more periodically), Keeps roots cool in summer, Keeps water evaporation down, Keeps weeds down. WE LOVE MULCH 

Also LIGHT trimming will be done on Camellias and Azaleas if necessary.
In JUNE we will begin trimming by half, all Lavenders EXCEPT the dentata variety.
Veggie Gardens: May/ June planting- Melons, eggplant, cucumber, corn, squash, sweet potato, tomato, asparagus.

Trimming, thinning and dividing: If you have the following plants in your yard, you will see them being cut back fairly hard.

Morea Lillies