Almost everywhere else, winter is a pain when it comes to landscaping and yard upkeep. Dealing with the cold is one thing you don’t have to worry about when landscaping in La Jolla, but there are some things to keep in mind if you want to maximize the appearance of your yard during the winter season. Below we’ve given some tips as to how to take advantage of the winter season to create beautiful landscaping in La Jolla—no matter what the temperature is.

Add pops of holiday color:

The holidays can be a fun time of year to decorate your home, business and yard. Even though the San Diego area doesn’t very cold, it doesn’t mean you have to skip the holiday decorating if you don’t want to. You can easily add pops of holiday color in your yard through your landscaping by adding things like poinsettia, golden lemon trees and other plants. Plants like sweet peas are popular as well, since their rich purple color often gives a beautiful surprise during the holidays as they’re known to bloom during the winter in Southern California. Holiday landscaping in La Jolla means that you can get creative with how you decorate the yard in your home or business, whether that be in plants, trees or even lighting.

Consider temperature when landscaping in La Jolla:

Not many people consider how landscaping will add privacy to their space when thinking about how it will be designed, but it can make a huge difference when done correctly. Proper landscaping will add privacy and shield your home or business from noise that happens on the street, making your space more peaceful. Planting trees around windows and yards will close spaces off from the street, even without a fence. However, to really maximize how much privacy you get from your landscaping, consider which types of trees and plants are going to keep their leaves year-round. This is a simple topic to bring up with your landscaping designer that can save you a lot of stress when winter comes around.

Use winter to take note on what needs to change:

It happens all the time—your yard looks perfect in the summer. Picturesque flowers and trees bloom in the warmer months. Lush, green grass and fruit trees bloom throughout the long summer days and your yard is a place you look at and feel a sense of happiness, but it changes in the winter. Winter can be a great time to figure out what types of landscaping in La Jolla are going to look good all year long. Often that means adding hardscaping features such as a statue, piece of art or bench. The mild Southern California winters may not mean drastic change, but it can often mean big changes in your landscaping design.

The great part about being in Southern California is that there is always a wide variety of landscaping options no matter what time of year it is. The rich soil and mild temperatures mean that almost anything can grow, and grow well, but the slight change in season does mean that you need to pay attention to what kinds of features you put into your landscaping. Whether that be evergreen trees, hardscaping or pops of color in the winter, landscaping in La Jolla and around San Diego is as versatile as ever—even in the winter. Nature Designs Landscaping has a lot of great ideas for ways to maximize your landscaping throughout the year.