Solana Beach Landscape Design

If you’re considering changing your landscaping design in your Solana Beach home, there are lots of things you can do to either bring a space to life or create more outdoor living space thanks to the temperate Southern California climate. Here are a couple of Solana Beach landscape design ideas to help make your outdoor space more livable while maximizing privacy and taking environmental impact into consideration.

Create an outdoor living space

Most people overlook the way that creating an outdoor living space can change their home for the better. If you have a large backyard area that you don’t use as it is, consider turning that space into an outdoor dining or kitchen area, or a pool if you think you’d use that feature often. Don’t wave off the idea if you only have a small living space, either, as you’d be surprised what can be done with even a small backyard area.

Zeroscaping and desert landscapes

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your outdoor space, consider adding in desert plants that don’t need much water or replacing plants and grass with zeroscaping. Zeroscaping is the use of rocks, wood chips or gravel in your landscaping to reduce the amount of water your landscaping needs in order to be maintained. It’s an easy way to cut costs on your water bill and keep your landscaping looking beautiful in the process.

Strategically place trees and shrubs to maximize privacy

If your home is near a busy street or there are windows in your home that don’t get a lot of privacy, consider changing your landscaping design to add privacy to your home. You can also add trees and shrubs along your exterior to create a private outdoor living space away from a busy road or public space. This will make your exterior feel more private, encouraging you to use it more often.

Add features

You can make an outdoor space feel more personal by adding special touches to make it your own. Create a lush, beautiful garden with vegetable patches for a functional outdoor space, or add water features for a calming outdoor effect. If you have kids, consider adding a playground area or an outdoor pool to make your outdoor space more fun for them, or an outdoor dining area to be able to entertain people when they come visit.