Nature Designs has an over 40-year reputation for restoring San Diego estates to their optimum beauty. Our team works closely with Principals and Estate Managers to create a landscape program focused on restoring each property to its original intent – or better. Our estate crew specializes in working strategically at each visit to combine horticultural knowledge, design aesthetics, construction knowledge and sustainable maintenance practices to insure that your financial investment and long-range goals are realized.

Not sure whether your property and personal needs align with our regular maintenance or estate programs? Listed below is an explanation of the difference. Feel free to call us to schedule our first meeting to discuss your property.

Estate Accounts

The Estate Manager is the first point-of-contact for clients, crew supervisors and sub-contractors.

  • The Estate Manager supervises less than five properties and is available to meet weekly or as needed to create overall goals, budgets and punch lists for each maintenance visit.
  • Short- and long-term goals are set, and each visit is guided to meet these goals.

Regular maintenance

  • The first point-of-contact is the crew supervisor, and then the maintenance leader.
  • The crew supervisor visits 20-30 accounts per week and the maintenance leader manages approximately 70 accounts; meeting with clients every 4 to 6 weeks.

Estate Accounts

  • Estate Crews are scheduled for a half- or full-day of service each week and are performance-based. Tasks are prioritized with the client’s schedule.
  • Enhancement projects are given highest scheduling priority.
  • Each crew is led by a Certified Landscape Technician. Crew members have passed a background investigation and are given security clearance from our high net worth clients.

Regular maintenance

  • Gardening tasks and schedules are driven by seasonal needs, and visits are scheduled efficiently with other accounts in the area.
  • Enhancement projects are scheduled on the next available dates; typically within 2-4 weeks.

Estate Accounts

  • ‘Cost Plus’ pricing is provided with a ‘not-to-exceed’ annual budget for all purchases related to seasonal color installation, large tree pruning, irrigation repairs, plant replacements and pest management.

Regular maintenance

  • Additional work is proposed as a change order, and fixed fee pricing is provided. The change order is provided within 1-2 weeks, and implementation within 2-4 weeks, of the original request.


“For years my wife and I have employed a landscape staff, and struggled with management, compensation and safety issues – along with the feeling that our property wasn’t at its best. Hiring Nature Designs relieved us of all these issues and provided us with specialists that met our every need. Our 2-acre property looks better than we could have imaged [sic] and we let Nature Designs handle the staff training, insurance and payroll issues.”
Homeowner, Del Mar, CA

“Nature Designs’ crews are professional, qualified, responsive and detailed – and their staff passes our thorough background investigation. Each visit is led by an Estate Manager, and they are in a constant state of improving our property; all within a tightly managed budget. For the first time we’re focused on long-range planning for equipment replacement and repairs instead of the previous ‘broke/fix’ style of management.”
Estate Manager, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“Within twelve months of working with Nature Designs, they completely transformed our property. Our water usage was reduced by 20% almost immediately. They manage every aspect of our landscape from construction projects and irrigation renovation, to tree pruning, organic garden production, bamboo grove and fruit orchard care. We entertain extensively and Nature Designs continues to impress us with their attention to detail.”
Part-time Resident, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“We’ve worked with several landscape contractors who say they provide estate maintenance services but have never experienced the quality or professionalism that we’ve enjoyed with Nature Designs.”
House Manager, La Jolla, CA

“Our previous gardener worked for many large properties in our area and claimed to be qualified to provide high-level landscape management services, however, we realized that many of our palm trees had been pruned improperly, and each contracted Fusarium disease. These mature trees are now in a slow state of decline. The cost of replacing these trees, and the loss of value to our property, has been beyond disappointing. Nature Designs is now restoring our property and replanting these trees. We are learning an expensive lesson about the value of working with a certified arborist and educated professionals.”
House Manager, La Jolla, CA

References and staff qualifications available upon request