San Diego landscaping

It’s safe to say that the world will not be going back to what we used to consider normal at any point in the immediate future, meaning that businesses and consumers are left to wonder how to navigate this new normal where public health has become a major priority. The coronavirus crisis upended the world as we knew it, but that doesn’t mean that everything has to change, it just means that everything has to adjust. Here are ways that San Diego Landscaping companies like Nature Design are landscaping under the new normal, with your health and employee health the top priority—next to beautiful landscaping, of course.


The one piece of advice that seems to be consistent across the board is that wearing a mask can greatly diminish your risk of contracting or spreading a viral illness like the coronavirus. To abide by the guidelines imposed by the Centers for Disease Control, and now the State of California that has made it mandatory to wear a mask in public, we’ve required that all of our staff wear masks when around customers. Wearing a mask means that both our customers and our employees can stay safe amid the continuing pandemic, but it also means that we can maintain business as usual (or at least as much as possible) as we all navigate this new normal.

Cancellation of Live Events

Across the industry, most landscaping companies have chosen to opt out of expos and live industry events to avoid spreading the virus even further. As you’ll see from our blog posts, we try to participate in a number of live events in our local area to stay closely connected to the community and to the local landscaping industry, but it’s just not safe to participate at this time.

On the Job

The good thing about landscaping is that it doesn’t require our workers to go inside the homes and businesses of our clients. Landscapers, for the most part, can execute their day to day work while maintaining a safe distance from you and your home. In certain cases, like when you’re working with designers to re-design your yard or overhaul your landscaping, most of the work can be done either remotely or at a safe distance to maintain health standards.

Despite the threat of the coronavirus, the San Diego landscaping industry has maintained steady business over the last couple of months. There have been a few adjustments that we’ve needed to make to make it possible to be safe (like cutting back on person to person contact as much as possible) but in general, the industry has been able to carry on as usual under after making the necessary changes.