Nature Designs Landscaping is pleased to announce that we have won the award for Best In State for a commercial landscaping design we did this year in La Jolla. We attended the 2019 California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) annual convention this November and were awarded with the pleasant surprise of an award and trophy. We were awarded the first place honor and trophy for a backyard landscape we did on a piece of commercial real estate in La Jolla.

While the property that we worked on for this project only had four units, the backyard needed a complete overhaul that required a lot of work. Prior to this project we had never tackled a piece of commercial property, so that added a challenge for us on top of working with the space. The property was a small homeowners association with about four units in the cliff area of La Jolla, and it had a beautiful view of the ocean that was virtually unobstructed. We knew it would be a challenge to create a space that matched the beauty of the view, but we were up for it!

About The Design

We started by designing the new backyard space to get an idea of what the client wanted before we began construction. The space already had a pool, but with the redesign it required us to almost completely overhaul the space to turn it into what the HOA wanted. We demolished the existing landscape and started from scratch to give it a more modern feel as the area is getting more updated by the day.

For the pool area we installed a custom 45’ lap pool to maximize space without compromising on that amenity. Then, we added a secluded spa area to let tenants relax and unwind away from the main area. Throughout the walkways and stairs we installed rare Italian tile to make the whole area feel very luxurious and customized. In the common area we created a custom barbecue area to let homeowners utilize the space for cooking and dining, and outdoor entertainment.

Beyond the cosmetic parts of the project, we also installed new retaining walls, irrigation systems, lighting, planting, ground cover, and all of the other logistical aspects of a complete redesign. Throughout the property we also updated the concrete driveways and wood fencing to create a cohesive design throughout the entire property, rather than focusing simply on the backyard area. Parts of the property also needed new retaining walls, so that gave us the opportunity to update those areas as well for added protection.