Nature Designs Landscaping officially has two new awards to add to its collection after the California Landscape Contractors Association Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley Chapter’s 2019 Landscape Beautification Awards ceremony. The ceremony took place at the Renaissance Los Angeles hotel and Nature Designs was proud to take home two awards for its work in San Diego over the last year.

The first award that Nature Designs took home was the first place award for a swimming pool we installed in Encinitas. The second award that Nature Designs took home was an outstanding achievement award for a patio cover we made in Rancho Santa Fe. These two new awards will be added to our growing collection of awards for landscape design in the San Diego area. The California Landscape Contractors Association awards are among some of the most coveted in our industry and represent a dedication to both beautiful design and efforts toward sustainability.

Awards that are given to local landscaping design companies are considered not only for the design companies’ dedication to getting the job done well, but for their efforts toward water conservation and contributing to sustainability. Nature Designs is focused on contributing toward the conservation of resources along every step of the landscaping process, as well as in how the finished product can continue to preserve resources like water.

Commitment Toward Sustainability

In California, especially, the preservation of water is one of the most important ways that we can contribute to sustainability. Landscaping often takes up huge amounts of water if done incorrectly or if done without considering the impact it has on local resources. Nature Designs operates on the ethos of contributing toward sustainability in its landscaping projects. For projects like pools, for example, we look at ways that we can diminish the impact on the environment outside of the pool in addition to creating the design of the pool itself.

With other projects, Nature Designs looks at ways that we can minimize plant life that needs large amounts of water to help diminish the cost of having to keep up these designs but also how much water they use. For patios especially, this involves laying rock work in ways that will cut back on the strain of natural resources while keeping the landscape beautiful.

Past Awards From The California Landscape Contractors Association’s Beautification Awards

In 2018, Nature Designs was able to take home six awards for its work in the San Diego area. The first award was for small residential maintenance in a Rancho Santa Fe home. The second award was for large residential maintenance in a large Rancho Santa Fe home. Nature Designs was also recognized for its efforts in watersmart landscaping throughout the San Diego area. The other three awards were achievement awards for residential construction, residential maintenance, and large landscape renovation.