Nature Designs Landscaping is proud to introduce two new designers to its team of talented landscaping designers. Our two new hires are Cecily Gordon, our new landscape designer and project coordinator, and Doug Dilworth, our new landscape architect and project coordinator. We’d like to introduce Cecily and Doug in a blog post, and welcome them to the team just in time for the new year.

Cecily got her start in the landscaping industry in her youth when she fell in love with caring for a garden with her mother. The joy she felt in caring for the garden, as well as the time spent enjoying and relaxing in the garden, gave her a passion that she could take into her adult life through a rewarding career path. As the daughter of a general contractor and a gardener, her lifelong passion for outdoor design is a generational passion that brings new meaning into this career.

Gordon credits her drive to work in the industry to the reward she feels in helping others with her services, and is excited to apply her knowledge, experience and education into the field through Nature Designs. “The biggest reward in working with clients is the moment when they walk into their completed garden and a smile spreads across their face as they see the fulfillment of an entire vision process,” she says.

Cecily graduated from Harvard University with a B.A. in Archeological Anthropology and has an A.A. degree in Environmental Horticulture and Landscape Design from Foothill College. Cecily has over twelve years of experience in the industry, and we can’t wait to see the work that she does with us here in San Diego.

Doug Dillworth has always been passionate about the outdoors and wants to make every outdoor space as beautiful as it can be. Thinking back to his childhood wherein he spent much of his free time exploring the outdoors, climbing trees and playing in the dirt, Doug credits his lifelong love for the outdoors as what inspired him to pursue work in landscaping architecture. “I enjoy developing relationships with my clients that allows me to tap into what they both need and want in their landscape. I like involving my clients in the creative production of design and enjoy guiding them through the organic process to watch their design visions become reality. By really listening to them from the first meeting, through the design and into the installation, I’m able to design and construct a landscape that exceeds their expectations,” he says.

Doug graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design and a Masters Degree in Landscaping Architecture. When he moved to San Diego from Atlanta in 2002, he fell in love with the area and never looked back. Throughout his impressive career in the outdoor industry, Doug has worked with organizations like the National Park Service and San Diego Botanical Gardens. We’re excited to see what kind of magic Doug can work with us, and can’t wait for our clients to see what he can do.