The previous landscape design on the Escondido property was outdated and not functional, while the driveway was cracking and needed to be repaired.  Electric gates were installed, and a permanent block wall was built at the front of the house, with iron fencing surrounding the remainder of the property.  To prevent wildlife or unwanted critters from entering the family’s safe haven, Nature Designs Landscaping added wire mesh to the bottom of the fence line to prevent “digging and entering,” while including an aluminum tube on top of the fence to prevent coyotes or dogs from jumping the fence.

The project included a custom infinity pool, which is heated by solar panels.  For aesthetic reasons, this infinity pool’s excess water is channeled to an underground storage tank that is placed under the patio, then redirected back to the pool as needed.  Boulders from the property were placed around the pool, and a large Baja Bench was incorporated into the pool design.

An extensive lighting system was installed for this project.  There are 2 separate systems, one for security and one for enhancement.  All the fixtures used are LED and the lamps will last approximately 12 years, while using 75% less power.

In two months time, Nature Designs Landscaping transformed an Escondido acre of land into a safe, functional, and fun living area that the homeowner’s could cherish and share with their family and friends.  Steve Jacobs takes great pride that this is the second project he has designed and created with this family.  He views repeat clients as a great compliment.