Nature Designs Landscaping is proud to announce that we have won three new awards for recent projects around the San Diego area. We were awarded landscape beautification awards during the California Landscape Contractors Association for projects that we completed this year. We are proud to add these awards to our collection, adding to the dozens of awards that we have taken home since 2007.

The awards ceremony was hosted by the California Landscape Contractors Association at a restaurant in Torrey Pines called Farmer & The Seahorse in September. We enjoyed this years’ competition in particular because all of the entries up for awards were very beautiful, making us feel that we were up against nothing but the best in the San Diego area. We ended up taking home three awards for residential properties that we worked on this year.

The first award that we took home was a landscape beautification award for medium sized residential maintenance. This property is one of our favorites. It’s a beautiful home in the Old Town area of San Diego and, in addition to its beautiful garden and landscaping, has a custom pool and spa area that only adds to the magic of the home. The home’s Italian villa design is adorned with tiered garden spaces, hand-pruned ficus trees, and squared hedges that overlooks Presidio Park. It’s one of our favorite properties in the area and we’re so glad it got recognition for its beauty.

The second award that we took home, also for a medium sized residential maintenance property, was for a park-like property in Escondido. This beautiful property features lush gardens with old trees and private walkways that give it a “secret garden” feel when wandering around the exterior of the property. We love this property because it’s an entertainers dream with all of the private walkways and paths that go around the property.

Finally, we also took home the first place award for a small size residential maintenance project on one of the properties that we manage the landscaping for in Poway. This property, though smaller than others, is a gem for us because of the way it utilizes texture and color to make up for the fact that it could not use plants that take a lot of water. Since the property is located a bit inland, it needed to be tolerant of the fact that it would have lesser access to natural water and humidity without becoming a hindrance on the water supply. The way that the property takes advantage of texture and color proves that it was more than successful, and hummingbirds love it too.

It brings us great pleasure that the properties we work so hard on receive awards for their beauty. We love that we get to share our work with others and push ourselves to be the best that we can be so that our clients can be as proud of their landscapes as we are of our work.