So you have a beautiful landscape installed by a team of experts from Nature Designs? That’s quite an achievement! Now, the question is how to keep it that way? How can you ensure that your landscape remains aesthetically pleasing and as functional as possible over time? The answer: our professional landscaping maintenance in Rancho Santa Fe.

Here’s one thing about landscaping that you should be aware of: While top-notch landscaping designs are created in such a way that requires low-maintenance and can withstand extreme temperatures, periodic maintenance is still necessary to keep its integrity. And the good news, Nature Designs is readily available to cater to your landscaping maintenance needs.

Here are some benefits of regular landscaping maintenance:

  • Helps keep plants and trees healthy – unwanted species could grow and could take away the nutrients from the variety of plants you have in your garden and thus, those unwelcome visitors should be kept away.
  • Helps keep the landscape safe – a concrete slab could move from its original placement due to heavy rain the night before; this thing and similar issues should be taken care of as soon as possible to avoid accident.
  • Helps avoid pest infestations – Landscaping maintenance, Rancho Santa Fe, means pest control; you can see to it that our maintenance job can cover pest intrusion issue.
  • Helps keep your landscape well-manicured to preserve its aesthetic appeal – with periodic mowing, weeding, pruning, trimming, and similar tasks, we can surely keep your landscape in its beautiful and healthy condition

Our specialized services

  • Vegetable gardening and small orchard management services are available, as well as an organic program.
  • Irrigation is checked weekly and includes coverage and timing. A zoning map is prepared for each property. An irrigation technician is available for larger repairs and emergency calls.
  • Outdoor lighting systems – bulb replacement, timing and aiming are all a part of our service.
  • Fountains are expertly cleaned and maintained.
  • Enhancements such as large tree pruning, seasonal color selection and installation are all managed by a trained landscape designer.
  • Regular meetings with the maintenance leader provide time to discuss special tasks, scheduling and ongoing changes.
  • Completed tasks are noted and left on a door hanger each week to keep everyone up to date.

Why Nature Designs is the most qualified for your unique maintenance needs

  • Each visit is led by an on-site supervisor who works with the crew.
  • Our crew leaders and field staff speak English.
  • Crew leaders are Certified Landscape Technicians.
  • Weekly training sessions keep our staff updated in landscaping maintenance, horticulture, safety, and pest management.

Three decades of unsurpassed landscaping maintenance service

With more than three decades of unsurpassed landscaping experience, Nature Designs has mastered the art of pooling the right people together to fulfill a mission – to deliver the service you deserve.

You can never go wrong with Nature Designs when it comes to landscaping maintenance, Rancho Santa Fe.

For inquiries and / or project consultations, contact us:

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Other areas we serve

Other areas we offer expert landscaping maintenance services for: Del Mar, Fairbanks Ranch, La Jolla, Olivenhain