La Jolla Landscape Maintenance

Living in La Jolla comes with its own set of challenges, but those challenges are worth it to live in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the United States. The area is crowded, and the mild climate year-round often means that you need to save on water wherever possible. This means that you’re often limited in what you can achieve with your landscaping design, but that you also need to take water access into account when you design your yard space. For easy La Jolla landscape maintenance tips, read on.


Zeroscaping, which means using features like rocks or gravel, as well as cactus instead of trees and other water-loving tropical plants, is a great way to cut back on water while opting for a landscape design choice that stays beautiful no matter how little attention you give it. These choices are great for people that want to put minimal effort into maintaining their landscaping, such as people that travel often or have busy lives, as well as people who own second homes or investment properties and may not be there on a day to day basis.

Outdoor Living Space

One thing about La Jolla homes is that they can often be smaller. If you have any yard space, creating more living space by remodeling your yard into an outdoor living space is a great way to both increase the value of your home and enjoy every square foot of your home, making it feel bigger and more spacious. The good thing about the San Diego weather is that the climate is just about the same all year long, making outdoor living space a highly sought after feature in homes around the area.


Did you know that landscaping can add or detract from the privacy you feel you have in your home? Landscaping enables you to feel like you have more privacy when you add in more trees or greenery near windows or spaces that are located close to a street or sidewalk. This can make your home feel more private, while making the exterior of your home appear more lush and lively. It can also reduce the noise you hear coming from the street, so if noise is something that bothers you the fix could be as simple as adding in more trees or adjusting your landscaping.