Because Fairbanks Ranch is located inland enough to make the air more hot and dry than the coastal neighborhoods of San Diego, it can make landscaping a bit of a task in terms of upkeep. Landscaping maintenance in Fairbanks Ranch doesn’t have to be a massive task to keep up with if you use the right tools and features to make it easier. Understanding and utilizing the natural resources around you will help create a beautiful landscape design for your home or business. Below we’ve discussed some things to consider that will simplify the landscape maintenance on your Fairbanks Ranch home or business.

Know What You’re Working With

Before you plant anything it’s important to understand the lay of the land that you’re working with. Not all soil types are great for trying to grow or maintain plant life, so it’s particularly important to check on what soil is in the ground already. Once you determine the type of soil present in your yard or site you can begin thinking about what kinds of plant life will work best there. In order to minimize landscape maintenance in Fairbanks Ranch communities, consider plants that will do well in naturally dry soil types. It will be rare that the naturally present soil in these areas will be rich and moist—the optimal soil types for plants. To save a bit of time and money on landscaping maintenance, look for plants that will do well in dry environments. Plants like cactus or succulents will be able to survive on little to no water and require very little maintenance.

Protect Natural Resources

One of the most important things to think about when approaching landscaping design in a way that minimizes landscaping maintenance is how you can protect what’s already there. In addition to analyzing the soil and choosing plant life based on that, you should also group your plants according to the amount of water they’ll need. Planting two plants that need a lot of water far away from one another will make you use more water on a regular basis. It will also add to the maintenance that you need to regularly put into your landscaping in order to maintain it. Using drip irrigation on plants that require more water will also help conserve water. California is famous for its water shortages, so minimizing your use will help overall conservation efforts. When and where you can, zeroscaping and rock landscaping will provide the easiest landscaping maintenance possible, save you a lot of water, and create a beautiful design.

Go With A Theme

It can be more helpful than you may think to come up with a cohesive theme for your garden or landscape before you begin. Picking a landscaping design from a magazine may be a beautiful solution to your landscaping needs, but that doesn’t mean that it will be easy to upkeep in the long run. Consider this when you’re looking at designs, executing these methods and even shopping for individual plants. If you’re considering working on your own garden, it’s important to choose plants that will work well with your current skill level and won’t require more time than you can put into them. Plants like vegetable gardens and other, more complicated flowers may be beautiful and plentiful. However, if you can’t put much time into keeping them up or don’t want to put much work into your garden, you’ll just end up wasting time, resources and money.

The most important way to minimize landscaping maintenance in Fairbanks Ranch properties is to choose things that will thrive with little to no water, can handle the heat and sun, and won’t end up costing more money to keep up over time. Aside from floral landscaping, another thing to consider is investing in a patio or pool area instead of a lawn or garden. This will add value to your home and provide a fun place to hang out in the warmer months too.