San Diego’s North county communities are really lucky in terms of what their citizens can do with their landscaping because there is so much variety. The coastal climate, paired with the warm Southern California temperatures, mean that you can do just about anything depending on where you live. That being said, there are also a lot of drawbacks and variables that make it harder, in some cases, to get the most out of your landscaping without proper landscape maintenance. Below we’ve listed some different things to consider when looking to get the most out of your Rancho Santa Fe landscape maintenance or other north county communities. In Rancho Santa Fe, landscape maintenance will be much different from those in places like Del Mar.

Coastal Climates

The north county communities of San Diego are really special in that they offer so much variety. The coastal communities are much different from those that are a bit more inland. In terms of landscaping this means that you can get away with just about anything—from desert plants to more tropical greenery. Communities like Del Mar are going to want to consider a few different things than their counterparts in communities like Olivenhain, though.

Coastal properties often get hit with more harsh weather systems like wind and salty air. This means that landscaping maintenance teams will want to take into account how they’re going to have to upkeep around these issues. Places that are closer to the beach will have even more landscaping maintenance to consider, as the beach often means that plants will not thrive as you’d want them to.

In order to maintain beachfront or oceanfront properties you should first consider what kinds of plants you may have to remove that aren’t going to thrive there. If you’re just doing some property maintenance and not a full remodel or design, make sure you remove anything that will just get destroyed by its environment. Plants and trees like evergreens or those that need a heavy soil that will hold water should be removed. Since beaches and sandy soil don’t have dense soil that holds water well, these plants will probably quickly die if they haven’t already.

Desert Inland Climates

While San Diego may be known for its beautiful beaches and oceanfront properties, there is just as much real estate located inland as there is on the coast. This is something you need to think about when you’re looking at landscape maintenance for north county communities like Rancho Santa Fe and Olivenhain. Low maintenance landscaping will go a long way in these areas because they need little to no water in order to keep up.

Plants that do well in high heat with no humidity in the air and little access to water will thrive in San Diego’s inland neighborhoods. When doing maintenance on these properties, you should consider which plants will need to be removed and what they can be replaced with. Zeroscaping products like gravel and natural stone will add a touch of class to any desert landscape without adding a lot of work. The maintenance on these things are fairly low, and will save you a lot of water because, unlike things like grass, they’re easy to keep up and don’t need water to survive.

Fruit trees are also a great option (with some great bonuses) that have little maintenance and look great. Citrus fruits like lemons will grow well in a warm climate and work well with Rancho Santa Fe landscape maintenance projects. Fruit trees will produce a pop of color in your yard. In addition, you can utilize things like accent walls on the side of your house to maintain beautiful landscaping with little to no effort.

Nature Designs landscaping has a lot of recommendations for Rancho Santa Fe landscape maintenance, as well as suggestions for how to get the most out of your yard in other north county communities. Our experts will assist you in advising the best ways to maximize space while creating easy landscaping maintenance.