Landscape design la Jolla

Landscape design involves more than just planting trees and taking care of a home’s landscaping. Good landscaping design can transform living spaces, adding more usable space to an outdoor living area while optimizing things like noise cancellation and privacy by adding trees and other foliage to the right place. There are many reasons to hire a landscaping design team instead of tackling it yourself, especially if you’re working with a small outdoor living space like many homes in La Jolla have.

What does landscape design focus on?

Landscape design involves a lot more than simply designing a space that homeowners want to be able to use. It also involves creating a space that harmonizes your home with the homes around it, and creates a sense of unity and balance between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Landscape design architects are trained to look at a space and think of new ways to define it, helping to turn a small, ordinary backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space that you’ll want, and be able, to use year round.

Landscape designers create unity, proportion and transition by looking at a space and coming up with ways to not only integrate the plant design that a customer wants, but the physical design of the space. This involves being able to pair colors and themes, as well as materials and textures with the right plant life and foliage in a way that maximizes space, creates privacy if there is a need for such a thing, integrate the natural world, and make the space inviting as you transition from inside to outside.

How do landscape designers come up with new ideas?

While landscape maintenance involves the everyday upkeep of a property, its design elements are much more artistic than it is physically demanding. Landscape designers are hired to come up with ideas, which are then implemented by construction and maintenance teams over the course of a project. Landscape designers come up with new ideas by working with a client to determine their needs and come up with solutions that will both implement as many of their needs as possible but do it in a way that helps increase property value overall.

Natures Design landscaping offers award winning landscape design services to the San Diego area. Many of our projects are around La Jolla, and we specialize in helping transform smaller spaces into brilliant, inviting outdoor living spaces that will not only improve the quality of life in your home but increase its value.