Carlsbad landscaping design

It always amazes us how landscaping design will change a Carlsbad property for better or worse. Good landscaping design can increase privacy and make a space more liveable, turning a simple backyard into an outdoor living experience. Southern California is unique in that you can utilize outdoor spaces for most of the year, though there are some things you’d probably want to consider that are unique to the area.

Entertainment space

Having outdoor entertainment space will make your home feel more spacious and inviting because it adds to the overall living space. Even if you don’t entertain often, the addition of entertainment space will create a private space in your backyard to enjoy the outdoors, and will likely cut back on the amount of upkeep you would otherwise need to do on a garden or lawn.

Adding in an outdoor kitchen or dining area can transform a space, and people are often surprised that they can create a luxury space out of even the smallest yards.


Many people are turning to zeroscaping amid the growing climate crisis as a way to cut back on their water consumption. If, for anything, the strategy allows them to cut back on their water bills because they don’t have to maintain a lawn on a regular basis. In Southern California, having a lawn requires you to keep it up year round as we don’t get heavy winters.

Zeroscaping involves replacing lawn areas with rocks and other gravel, and plants that require a lot of water with low-water plants like cactus and tropical bushes and trees such as aloe or yucca. These types of landscaping features give you the freedom of not having to water your lawn regularly, freeing up both your time and your bank account.


It’s not uncommon for people in Southern California to want their own pool, especially during the warmer months. Pools are an expense of their own, but can be worth it especially if you have kids and need a place to keep them entertained throughout the hotter months. Since the temperatures stay warm nearly every month out of the year, there are only a few months that you won’t want to use it.

Landscaping designers can help create your dream outdoor living space, whether it’s a pool or an outdoor kitchen or both, and can even come up with ways to integrate the natural landscape into your landscaping design to create a beautiful, flowing outdoor space that connects you with the nature already around in the Carlsbad area.