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Although the seasons don’t change as much in Southern California, there’s no reason that you can’t get festive for the fall season and prepare your landscaping for the cooler winter months. Fall landscape design in Encinitas might not require a lot of change, but there are still a couple of things you should do to assure that your yard is prepared for the winter and avoid killing any plants that are used to a hot climate. Here is everything you need to know about fall landscape design in Encinitas:

Look for color and texture variations

Plants like palm trees don’t change much season to season, and in Southern California there isn’t a lot of change. But with changes in light patterns comes changes to the trees and, thus, changes to the color of the foliage on them. Look for trees that will change colors with the season, like oak or maple trees, to add variation to your landscaping that will ebb and flow with the seasons as the light changes. This will also add texture and privacy to your landscaping, creating a vibrant, eye-catching landscape that will add to your living space.

Prepare for winter

While the winter season doesn’t change as much in Southern California, particularly in the San Diego area, there are some chores you need to do to prepare for the winter season. We recommend doing things like cleaning your rain gutters and preparing any foliage for the winter season that might not be able to make it in the cooler air. We also recommend that you rake leaves and move the debris from around your property, especially in California where the debris can pose a fire risk.

Take care of your plants

Like we said before, not all of your plants can survive the winter months even if the temperature doesn’t change very much. Make sure to prepare any tropical plants for a potentially dry period or a period of colder weather as you change your fall landscaping. Take any tropical plants inside for the winter if you feel that they need it, or wrap them to avoid freezing during the colder months.

There are lots of ways to customize your landscape design in Encinitas for the fall season, and to get ready for the winter to prevent having more work to do later on. We recommend speaking with us at Natures Design to better understand what might need to be done, or how you can add seasonal flair to your existing space.