landscape estate maintenance in Rancho Santa Fe

Landscape estate maintenance can change the outdoor visual and living aspect of your entire property. In Rancho Santa Fe, there are a variety of things to know about landscape estate maintenance that can either add value to or create a more visually stunning and functional outdoor space. Below are five aspects to landscaping maintenance and design that you’ll want to think about for your Rancho Santa Fe estate:

Landscape Design

Landscape design refers to the overall design of an outdoor space. How does the space flow? What use can you get out of the space? Landscape designers such as the team at Nature Designs Landscaping can help you conceptualize and bring to life your dream outdoor space, and help you manage the maintenance of the space over time. Whether you want to create a lush garden area or overhaul a backyard to create an outdoor kitchen and dining space with an outdoor pool and hot tub, landscape design teams can help make those dreams come true.

Landscape Maintenance

Once you’ve designed your dream outdoor space, you can work with a landscape maintenance team to upkeep it. Spaces that include water features, pools and hot tubs can take a lot to maintain, so many people decide to offset that workload to a landscape maintenance team to be able to fully enjoy their outdoor space without the stress of having to upkeep it. Landscape maintenance teams can also maintain garden spaces, brush, grass and trees to make sure that no outdoor space is overgrown or at risk of starting a wildfire.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces like outdoor kitchens, dining areas and living rooms are popular in the Rancho Santa Fe area because of the mild climate year-round. These spaces increase value on the home by adding square footage, and can be a wonderful way to enjoy living in Southern California. They can also cut back on water consumption because you don’t have to worry about watering grass or greenery, and they take up less water than pool areas.

Landscaping for Privacy

Landscaping can make or break private space in crowded areas or homes that are located near a busy street. Add privacy to your home by working with a landscape maintenance team to strategically place trees and shrubs in a way that will maximize privacy and minimize noise from the street. This can make your home feel more private even if it’s not, and create a safe barrier for children to play outside without risking them running into the road.


Zeroscaping is a way of landscaping that cuts back on water by eliminating trees and plants that will need to be tended to regularly. With the growing climate crisis and water shortages in Southern California, many are opting to switch to zeroscaping to minimize water use and cut back on their home expenses. Zeroscaping involves replacing greenery with things like rock work, pebbles or desert plants like cactus and other desert flora.