landscape design in Del Mar

Landscaping isn’t a straightforward business. Every house with landscaping work done has a different style, with different vegetation, physical features, walkways, and more. With all these differing ways of upgrading your land, how do you go about getting the best design? Here’s a few secrets to better landscape design in Del Mar.

More isn’t always better.

Simply getting yourself any landscaping company isn’t nearly enough to ensure that you’ll end up with a beautifully designed landscape. These companies often have varying styles, and work best with specific styles. The first secret for any landscape is not to simply hire the most expensive company to do your yard. While in most cases you get the most for your money by hiring the best, most expensive service, doing so doesn’t guarantee that the company will follow your vision and desires correctly.

Look at previous design jobs and see what you like.

There is a difference between landscaping and landscaping design, so if you want to redesign your exterior or do some construction in your yard—like building a pool or outdoor living space, a landscaping design service is what you will need. The best thing you can do for yourself is to look at the past works of landscaping companies to see if what they’ve done prior matches what you want done today. Whether it be touring old works, looking at images in a gallery, or seeing examples at the landscaping company of features and materials.

Consider adding a special feature to your outdoor space.

One secret not often considered is that of hardscaping, or the more physical features of landscaping. Landscaping with just vegetation is often boring, especially on a flat piece of land. While something like an outdoor kitchen sounds nice, without some form of roof cover it isn’t usable during storms. Additionally, plants can stand out more on a hill; consider artificially adding elevation to your landscape, with other hardscaped features such as water fountains or strategically placed rocks.

Don’t try to do too much. A good landscaping design service will suggest balance.

Another secret is to not go overboard. While filling your land with the best looking plants and features is tempting, doing so may just run costs up while turning into a less striking result. As with many things, less is often more, and being tactful about what ends up in your yard will often end with better results. Have a favorite bush or tree? Let it stand out, and put complementary features around it, such as paths or smaller plants.

Consider the maintenance on any design changes you want to make.

Finally, maintenance. While you may think you’ll be able to upkeep your landscaping on your own, this often isn’t the case without significant work. Make everything easier on yourself by planning for the necessary work during construction. If you plan on having a lawn, make sure all parts connect in order to keep mowing easy. Put plants that require different water needs near each other, so that they don’t starve each other out, and give yourself space to trim bushes and trees. Doing these will make your life after landscaping easier.

No matter what you’re looking to do, putting work into getting what you want or need is the best way to get the best landscape for your time and money. Using these secrets; from getting the most for your money, keeping things simple for maintenance, not overpowering your yard with various powerful elements, and paying attention to hardscaping; will get you the best results. In Del Mar, a well built landscape can last forever and be the talk of the neighborhood. Good luck on your landscaping journey and consider Nature Designs Landscaping in any future work you want to do!