landscaping design tips for Fairbanks Ranch

Landscaping is a complex, multifaceted project for any homeowner to undergo. Whether you’re sick of an empty lot after moving into a new development, tired of your old lawn, or simply want to build yourself a dream home, designing your new yard is always going to be difficult. In Fairbanks Ranch’s climate, you have a ton of options for your landscaping. Here’s five design tips for any homeowner looking to undergo new landscaping.

Who will be using the yard?

The first thing you should do for your yard is determine who the audience for the yard is going to be. Do you want to skyrocket the property value with a beautiful yard for resale value later? Or, are you looking to create your dream home? Write down your list of priorities and determine which among them are the most important to you, and heavily prioritize your goals, even if it doesn’t turn out how you were initially expecting.

Variety is key

Another important tip to remember is to not focus too hard on any one aspect. Variety is a huge aspect of landscaping. While you may have a favorite plant or two, simply placing it everywhere isn’t always the best idea. Emphasis is another huge design aspect in landscaping. If you have a favorite plant, use lesser plants around it to create a sense of importance to the plants you really want shown off. The same applies to other features, such as trees, decorations, and features.


Landscaping comes in multiple parts. One of these, often not considered, is the concept of hardscaping. This is the physical land and built objects for the rest of the landscaping to be worked around. For example, trellises for vines, fountains to surround with plants, and even something like pools are all important considerations for your design. Plants are a huge aspect, but building the frame for them to work around is an important consideration.

Think about the details

However, even with a list of flora and hardscaped items, considering the finer details is often important to let your yard shine as much as it should. When you’re in the process of constructing your yard, make sure to consider any possible, even if minor, additions. For example, rocks placed in certain areas could add additional visual variety to your yard.

Go with a theme

Theming is also an important aspect of landscape design. Adding a variety of styles to your yard could create a sense of chaos and lack of direction. Pick a theme and work off of it. If you want a more modernized yard, avoid adding bronzed, rounded decorations. Something more muted? Don’t install a pink flamingo.

There’s many, many more tips you can find about landscape design. However, these are among the most important of the ones that are out there. Determining an audience, using variety and emphasis, utilizing hardscaping, adding details, and choosing a theme are important aspects to creating any yard. Good luck on creating the ideal yard for your desires!