landscaping design ideas Solana Beach CA

Landscaping is an often underutilized way to improve your home. But, simply hiring a company and going from there isn’t always the best idea; you’re going to want to have an idea of what to do before you start. Coming up with ideas for something you’re not specialized in is always difficult. Additionally, not all types of landscaping are viable in every climate. Here’s five landscaping design ideas for your Solana Beach home.

Hardscaping vs landscaping:

The first thing to know about landscaping is the types of landscaping. There are two forms; hardscaping, and landscaping. Both of these are important concepts to keep in mind when you’re looking to improve your yard. The former, hardscaping, is the structures you’ll want in your yard. Fountains, pools, decks, etc. Landscaping is the more natural side of design; plants, rocks, trees, etc.

Water features

With that in mind, you’re able to open up to various kinds of ideas. Fountains in particular are excellent centerpieces for any yard. Fountains provide a wonderful ambient noise, and a feature to place various kinds of plants, trees, and furniture, such as benches, around. This can be both a back and front yard installation, and provides an excellent place to relax around.


Pools are popular for a reason. Pools provide an excellent place of enjoyment and heat relief during the summer, as well as a place to socialize. Additionally, pools are an easy feature to build around. Bushes for visual cover, trees to provide shade, paths for access, and everything else means that a well designed pool can significantly increase the use and value of your home.


A lot of people go into landscaping looking to display all their favorite flowers, bushes, trees, and others. Who wouldn’t want to? However, one thing to note is that simply planting a bunch of your favorite plants isn’t going to make it visually stunning. Variety is a huge part of creating emphasis in your yard; try and make your favorites stand out, whether by using less striking plants, elevation, or any other method!

Furthermore, gunning for exactly what you want isn’t always the best idea either. With limited space, money, and time, trying to get everything you want in your yards at once may be too much of an ask. Work with your landscaping design company to ensure that you can get the best of what you want, while not overcrowding what space you have.

These ideas aren’t an extensive list; there are so, so many things you can do with your yards. However, these cover a lot of the popular ideas, and give you the knowledge to work with your landscaping design company to get the most out of your money. From landscaping to hardscaping, fountains to pools, and your favorite vegetation and features, taking the time to think through your ideas is the best way to get the most out of your Solana Beach home. Get in touch with Nature Designs Landscaping for advice on how to bring your outdoor space to life!