La Jolla Landscape Design

The La Jolla area is famous for its temperate climate year round. That makes it perfect for luxurious outdoor living spaces that are designed to balance life between indoor and outdoor living. Several common landscape design themes you’ll see in La Jolla homes is a hybrid indoor/outdoor space, as well as other types of outdoor living space that can be used year-round as the warm winter weather enables activities like swimming and outdoor dining even in the colder months. Here are five common types of La Jolla Landscape Design you’ll see in the area:

Outdoor Pools

Outdoor pools are one of the more popular La Jolla landscape design themes that we see in the area. Pools can be expensive and high maintenance, but add property value to your home and often encourage more activity. A heating option is common to be used during the cooler months, but often personal pools in La Jolla homes make a great addition for family use.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Often alongside pools, built-in hot tubs can add property value to your home and make outdoor living spaces more welcoming. Smaller outdoor spaces that can’t fit a pool can often fit a hot tub, and the addition of a water feature encourages use of an outdoor area. If you have a great view, hot tubs are a great addition to a space.

Outdoor Playgrounds

If you have children, outdoor playgrounds are a great addition to a backyard space. These spaces encourage play outdoors and can make a home feel more welcoming. There are ways to make outdoor playgrounds match the outdoor aesthetic of your home as well, and the overall design often looks better when a playground is built for the home rather than constructed from a kit.

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining spaces add value to homes through square footage. These hybrid living spaces, as well as outdoor kitchens, are a great feature in La Jolla homes that can encourage homeowners to spend more time outside. The warm weather year-round makes these spaces comfortable even in the cooler months, and can make a home feel bigger overall.


Many people are opting to add garden areas to their outdoor spaces in place of a traditional lawn or backyard. These spaces can provide more utility, and are a great way to grow your own food if you decide you want to plant produce. While garden spaces do use more water than outdoor kitchens would, they don’t use more water than lawns or more traditional backyards and are often prettier to look at.