Feng Shui, the art of arranging the objects in your life in a way that promotes harmony and good energy, is a great way to help feel more balanced in your living or working space. Organizing your living or bedroom to promote the flow of energy and balance can help you prosper in your daily life, sleep better, and feel as if things just flow more freely. Each element of feng shui centers around different elements of the earth—earth, air, wind, and fire—which each have their own symbolic impact on your life in their own ways.

While many attribute the ancient chinese art of arranging furniture and other objects to interior decorating, feng shui can also be applied to your landscaping design in a way that helps you feel as balanced outside of your home as you do inside. Below are four easy ways to feng shui your landscaping and exterior design, and how these changes can impact your daily life.

Plants & Landscaping

Depending on where your yard sits on your property, we recommend considering where to place things in accordance with feng shui principles. The north side of your yard balances your spiritual growth and career—with the former leaning toward the northeast. Consider placing water features toward the north, with seating and gardens leaning toward the northeast to signify growth. The east side of your yard is for abundance—both in health and finances, and should be lush and green for this reason. This is a great place to plant trees and bushes, but make sure to keep them green.

To the south you’ll want to place things like grills and cooking areas, as the south is associated with fire and relationships. This is a great place for outdoor entertaining and seating areas good for couples. The west controls creativity, so putting the right things in this area can help you and your family embrace their creative sides. This is a good place to put playing areas for children, as it can encourage creative play and thinking.

On Your Porch

Your porch is a central area in your home and should be given extra attention as it’s often a place you travel in and out of multiple times throughout the day. Your front door should match the color of the direction it faces, as this will promote the flow of energy in and out of your home. If your door faces east, consider cool tones like green, black, and blue. For doors that face south, consider colors like red, purple, orange, or green. If your door is west facing, go with warmer tones like white, gray, or brown. Finally, for doors that face north, consider lighter, cool tones like white and gray or blue.

Add Features That Can Promote Good Energy

The energy in your outdoor living space is just as important as the energy in your indoor living space, as a living space that doesn’t flow properly can feel hectic and stressful to be around. Make additions to your outdoor garden that help promote the flow of good energy like wind chimes, water features, and curved pathways of inlaid stone to promote the flow of chi throughout your yard and outdoor living space. Follow the advice of which direction to place certain elements of yard decor based on the same information above.

Exterior Painting

The exterior color of your home can have a big impact on how energy flows throughout the property. However, how your home’s color merges with the world around it is just as important. Look for ways to help your home flow with the neighborhood and natural elements around the property to help you come up with a color scheme. Additionally, consider placing brighter colors near window trims and around highlight elements of your home like around doors to attract vibrant, positive energy.