La Jolla landscape maintenance

Before hiring a professional landscape service to help with your La Jolla landscape maintenance needs, you should get familiar with the different types of services that professional landscapers offer. There are lots of reasons to hire a landscape maintenance team, especially in La Jolla where you might have a lot of exterior maintenance to keep up with.

What is landscape maintenance?

For new property owners who are not familiar with the term landscape maintenance and what a landscaper does, landscape maintenance simply refers to keeping a landscape clean, safe, healthy, and of course attractive. A landscaper performs different tasks which include snow removal, weeding, annual planting and harvesting, pruning, irrigation, swimming pool maintenance and general exterior maintenance.

There are different types of landscape maintenance services available, and the ones you will need will depend on what features there are in your home.

Tree/Plant maintenance

This is an umbrella term that refers to pruning, mulching, and irrigation. Pruning simply refers to removing dead branches from a tree to keep it healthy and improve fruit and flower development. Injuries to tree branches can be caused by animals, insect infestation, humans, and more. You need to prune your trees regularly to avoid fire hazards and other dangers that can come with leaving trees to grow for too long.

Mulching is another plant maintenance service that helps to insulate the soil to protect the trees and plants from heat while also keeping the tree roots moist. Ultimately, the type of plant you are mulching will determine the number of times you will require this service per year.

Fruit Tree/Vegetable Garden Maintenance

This is a must-have service in La Jolla because fruit trees and vegetable gardens are vulnerable to pest and insect infestations. This type of maintenance service, to some extent, is one of the most time-consuming operations when it comes to landscape maintenance. If you have the time to take care of your fruit trees you might enjoy it, but most people opt to hire a landscaping service to keep their fruit trees healthy and thriving.

This service includes removing debris from the garden, weeding, and removing dead/decaying fruits and vegetables. These services are done two to three times a year, although it depends on the landscape service package you sign up for.

Pool Maintenance

Every homeowner with a pool on their property can relate to how hard it is to keep up a pool on your own. Typical pool maintenance services can maintain your pool and spa area without your help, so that you can spend your time actually enjoying the pool area. This sort of service can be done weekly or monthly depending on your needs.