landscape maintenance essential service San diego

It’s a confusing time filled with lots of uncertainty and stress about what the immediate future might hold. Lots of businesses that have been forced to shut down are experiencing stress related to whether or not they’ll be able to open back up again, leaving millions of jobs on the line. We feel very lucky and grateful that we’re not one of those businesses, and that we can continue to offer our services at this time. Contrary to what you might think, landscape maintenance is an essential service in San Diego for a couple of reasons, which we’ve listed below.

Landscape maintenance helps prevent fires and electrical problems.

More electrical fires than you think are often started by overgrown trees coming too close to electric lines on city streets. A lot of people that notice that their trees are starting to grow too close to a power line often think they can cut the branches themselves, which can be dangerous if not done properly. Always hire a professional landscape maintenance service to cut any branches that grow too close to your home or a power source as it can result in disaster if a branch falls in the wrong direction, putting you or your home at risk of injury or damage.

Landscaping can help cut back on precious resources

More often than not, a lot of the water that people use goes into their landscaping each summer. During the warmer months this strain on California’s precious resources can be problematic because it means that the water that could be used for drinking or bathing is being used to keep lawns green. Instead of having a lawn, many landscaping companies (ours included) recommend to opt for zero-scaping, which entails replacing grass and other foliage with rock work, gravel, and sustainable plants that need little water in order to thrive.

Without landscape maintenance companies, many people wouldn’t be able to make this switch to save on water. Though not technically maintenance, yard work like this allows for workers to make money while individuals are able to switch to more sustainable options that will help our planet in the future.

Landscapers don’t often come into direct contact with their clients.

Many landscape maintenance companies handle payments electronically and can work with their clients without ever entering their home or business, limiting direct contact as much as possible. This facet of the industry enables landscape workers to maintain an essential worker status so that they can continue working during this time, preventing a further economic collapse by maintaining just a few more jobs. While you may not think it’s essential to have your lawn taken care of at this time, the essential worker status enables people to work and maintain their livelihood at this time.